About Us

Name is Dillon Fenley, I have been around the monster truck industry all of my life. Growing up around them and traveling at a young age to working for some big name teams that run with Monster Jam today. Finally got the itch to own my own and decided to start with a Monster Truck Ride Truck and work my way up to building a race truck one day. I currently work for one of the most popular monster jam teams to this day. We like getting out in the community and meeting everyone when doing Business Openings, Birthday Parties, Car Shows, Fairs, Monster Trucks Shows. Basically any where you can put us to grab others attention or give a kid a thrill of a lifetime we can be there.  My business is a family and close friend company with only the best working to strive for customers!

We take pride in our ride truck by adapting and having some of the best safety features on the truck including Individual Seat Belts, Full Roll Cage, Back Up Camera, RII System, and a great team working the truck! We are interested in any event that you have to offer so shoot us an email today and see what we can bring to your table!